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What is Naranja?

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Naranja is a major credit card issuer in Argentina. The company has been operating for 25 years. Experience and reputation have made it a popular banking option in the region. Millions of clients also choose it because of the convenient mobile app that allows instant payments. That’s why when it comes to paying for services or shopping online, people often pick this payment method.

As the company expanded, Naranja credit cards have become the top payment solution for merchants, too. Merchants use the company’s services to accept Internet payments in their online stores. Nowadays, both cardholders and merchants prefer Naranja cards due to numerous convenient services.

What are the benefits of Naranja?

The company’s main goal is to deliver top-quality services to each client. The main benefits one can discover include:

  • A partnership with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express helps the company widen the influence all across the globe;
  • Innovative technologies deliver smooth money transactions over secure channels
  • Customer-oriented services provide a seamless experience and numerous promotions;
  • Easy payment via a mobile app. Users can make free transfers and pay for goods and services using their smartphones;
  • Customers can order cards online. A person only needs an ID and an Internet connection to get an Orange card without leaving the house.

Aside from that, the company offers loans and insurance products. Such benefits make Naranja appealing to both online shoppers and merchants. No wonder it has over 4 million customers (and 9 million active cards) in Argentina.

How to use Naranja?

Merchants who add Naranja to the list of available payment methods will allow customers to pay for goods or services using Naranja credit or debit cards. Paying for online orders is simple and convenient. At first, a customer makes an order by adding all the wanted goods to the cart. At the checkout, they should pick Naranja as a payment method. The payment gateway will request the needed payment information like the card’s number, expiration date, and CCV code. Customers who have a Naranja app might get a request to verify the transaction in the application. All transfers happen instantly. Both the customer and the merchant will receive a notification about the successful payment.

Why should merchants add Naranja?

Using this payment integration, merchants are sure to attract more Argentinian customers and expand their business on the local market. Since the cards provide owners with three different payment methods (via the app, on the Internet, in the branch office), more and more people start using Naranja. Merchants who integrate this payment method in the checkout are sure to gain access to a wide pool of potential customers.

In addition, the company operates Tienda Naranja, an eCommerce marketplace where merchants can sell their products. The platform sells everything from clothes and cosmetics to furniture and electronics. On the other hand, only Naranja cardholders can join it as merchants. Those who prefer to grow their brand and own their website should simply add Naranja as an available payment method in the checkout.

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