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What is Mir?

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Mir is a payment system from Russia. It was launched in 2017. Central Bank of Russia is the authority that has established the work of this payment option and the Russian National Card Payment System is the one that operates it. Firstly, Mir was the option for internal application. Nevertheless, nowadays international companies with subsidiaries in Russia are making use of it as well.

The first Russian bank to issue payment cards under Mir brand was Sberbank. Lately, 64+ banks support the brand. The system itself is now working in South Ossetia, Turkey, and possibly in Venezuela. The payment method has become so widespread across Russian Federation thanks to the all-round governmental support.

What are Mir benefits?

Of course, Mir’s benefits are obvious for Russian companies. The system gets lots of support from the government. Besides, Mir is available via credit card or debit card. With 73+ million issued cards, Mir has become a serious rival of Visa, Mastercard, and other credit card networks.

One of Mir’s goals is to provide secure money transfers. Also, its aim is to keep the national payments stable and independent from inner economical recessions or political situations.

Businesses may want to offer Mir on their websites because this brand provides many special offers to their customer. So, shoppers can enjoy cashback, bonuses, and other benefits. Thanks to the popularity and special perks the Mir cards have, customers are likely to use this option at the checkout. Also, merchants (as well as shoppers) can employ Mir via the bank they want. Sberbank, Tinkoff, VTB, and other banks support Mir.

How to use Mir

Customers pay with Mir like with any other credit card. On the checkout page, the customer checks if the Mir is available. Then s/he chooses to checkout with the banking card. On the next step, it is necessary to fill in the card number, expiry date, name on card, and the CVV. If the website uses a 3D-Secure protocol the customer has to make an extra security step.

Why you should offer Mir?

Thanks to the wide network of supporting banks all around Russia, Mir is a go-for payment method for companies that work in this country. The card is available for all Republics as well. Also, if you represent international businesses with subsidiaries in Russia or have partner relations with Russian companies, Mir comes in handy.

Of course, as Mir continues to expand its presence worldwide, business owners from Turkey, Vietnam, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, and more countries.

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