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What is Maestro?

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Maestro is debit and prepaid cards by Mastercard. Maestro was launched in 1991. To own a debit card, the customer has to have an account in one of the participating banks. When it comes to the prepaid card, there is no obligation in the bank account ownership.

Maestro is very popular across Europe and many customers prefer to pay online, using this payment method.

What are the Maestro benefits?

As Maestro is a product of Mastercard, it uses the same security protocols. So, to use it, merchants have to use the 3D-Secure protocol. It ensures more safety for both sellers and shoppers. As the customer makes purchases, the Mastercard SecureCode system is responsible for the transaction’s security. That means the shopper makes an extra step to verify his/her identity. This step usually comes in the form of an OTP or other form of verification.

Also, merchants can enjoy another advantage of Maestro. Customers cannot reverse the payment made with Maestro. Accordingly, the sellers suffer much less from chargebacks. Also, as funds are wired directly from the customer’s bank account, the merchant has a guarantee of receiving the payment.

Despite these benefits, there is nothing extraordinary when it comes to Maestro card processing. The procedure goes similar to credit card processing.

How to use Maestro

Maestro works like any other online payment solutions. All the shopper needs to do is to select Maestro as the preferred checkout method. As s/he clicks on the branded icon, a special box or window appears. There the shopper fills in the card’s data and the expiry date. As the system uses the 3D-Secure protocol, the customer has to perform the extra step. That means the cardholder has to confirm the transaction via entering the one-time passcode. There also may be an alternative verification form.

Why you should offer Maestro

Maestro is well-known and popular across Europe. If you target this region, or already selling here, we recommend adding Maestro to payment methods you already offer. Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain are among countries that actively using this payment solution. Nevertheless, banks from over 100 countries issue cards by the Maestro brand. That ensures a wide audience reach across various lands.

Of course, another reason for using Maestro is non-reversible payments. That safes merchant from unnecessary chargeback expenses. Besides, the transaction safety is also assured by the 3D-Secure procedure.

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