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What is Entercash?

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Entercash is a payment method that bases on a direct transfer between two bank accounts. Established in 2011, the Entercash company targets a pan-European merchant client base by providing a safe, real-time bridge directly to their clients’ preferred payment bank accounts. Enrercash is beneficial thanks to eliminating the need for third-party solutions. That allows merchants to reduce processing fees. Entercash is a common payment option for online gamblers from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Greece. However, merchants from other business verticals who target the above-mentioned regions can also benefit from using Entercash. 

How does Entercash work?

Once choosing Entercash as a payment method, customers get redirected to their online banking portal. Then, they authorize the payment. It only takes a few clicks to confirm Entercash payment. As for today, there are more than 100 million Entercash users online. Mostly, they work at betting, casino, and online gambling niches.

What are the benefits of Entercash for merchants?

EnterCash enables transactions processed directly from the client’s bank account to the merchant’s bank account. That what makes Entercash transactions one of the most rapid on the Northern European market. The payment method doesn’t require any downloads or regular processing. That is possible as everything is done from the websites. The company also provides clients with instant responses that enhance the customer’s experience and creates trust. That, in turn, leads to repeat purchases.

Entercash simplifies daily routines thanks to offering a secure payment option over the internet. Maximum safety is obtained through the unique security codes generated for every transaction individually. Consumers can use the Entercash payment method to buy products and services online as the money will become available in just a couple of seconds.  The simplicity of Entercash onboarding is another benefit of using the latter. The service can be integrated away on the merchants’ websites. The company also provides constant testing and support in order to avoid any issues.

Entercash markets and coverage

Paying with the bank account is the core product offered by Entercash. However, the company also supports direct mobile payments from phones through the Pugglepay app. The most extensive coverage is presented in Scandinavia while increasing rapidly in other markets. Banks that are based in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Greece have access to the Entercash payment option. However, there are some restrictions between them. As for today, the company does not cover South European countries. However, Entercash has recently promised to expand its services to Italian and Spanish markets.

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