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Online Dating Merchant Account

Instant Online Dating Merchant Account Solutions

When you are in the online dating business, the major hurdle becomes getting access to online dating merchant solutions. Many online payment processing firms are reluctant to provide online dating payment getaways due to the high-risk nature of the business. Unlike other types of online business, online dating has proved to be high risk due to the number of people who are unsatisfied with the services provided. However, you need a reliable online merchant account to be able to transact. For this reason, we are here to offer you just the right solution for your business.

Online Dating Merchants Considered Risky

There are two main drawbacks that online dating merchants experience.

High Rate Of Chargebacks

It is common for many people to chargeback due to dissatisfaction when looking for suitors online. When a client subscribes to an online dating platform and does not find what he/she is looking for, they may request for a refund. It is such high rates of chargebacks that makes it hard for online dating merchant accounts to be approved.

Fraudulent Dealings

Online dating merchants rank high among fraudulent businesses. It is common to find an online dating merchant providing escort or prostitution services. Some online dating merchants go to the extent of trafficking underage children. For this reason, there is a need to have considerable investigations before any online dating merchant account is approved.

Get Your Dating Merchant Account Approved Instantly

Despite all the hardship in the industry, it is possible to get your online dating merchant solutions in a very short time. We facilitate online dating merchant solutions including online dating payment getaways, online merchant accounts, and online dating credit card processing. You can get your payment getaway, and credit card processing instantly when you use our services. We help you cut down the time required for business authentication. We provide several online dating merchant solutions for both inland and offshore clients. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy online dating payment provider look no more.

Our Online Dating Services

  1. Offshore Accounts. We provide online dating merchant accounts for offshore businesses. We also provide payment getaways and credit card processing for offshore businesses across the world. In some cases, you may be required to provide transaction processing history; especially when you need credit card processing and online dating payment gateway.
  2. Offshore Dating Website. Just like any other merchant account, we are committed to providing the best merchant solutions to offshore startup merchant websites. We help many startups gain ground by providing several payment getaways including instant credit card processing solutions. We can help you verify the authenticity of your business in a short time and get you your online dating merchant solutions in just a few business days.
  3. Virtual Check Solutions for online dating merchants. You can also use our virtual terminal check solutions to help you run your business smoothly. We are committed to helping you find a payment solution that is suitable for your clients. If you need check processing for your online dating business, we are here to help you find the best virtual check processing you need.

Online Dating Merchant Solutions Application Process

While we are here to help you get quick access to online dating merchant solutions, the application process requires verification. You need to be able to verify your personal information. It is important to provide personal details such as an identification card or a driving license to get started. You may also be required to provide a business to bank letter or any avoided checks. Since check-backs are common in online dating business, you will also be required to provide a 3-month banking statement. This may not be necessary in some cases but you must be ready to provide such information if required. You will also be required to provide documents of incorporation.

Recap Of The Important documents:

*A valid business owner identification

*Banking statements ranging up to 3 months

*Company details including Name, total sales, refunds, and check-backs.

*Necessary documents of incorporation.

*Any other document as requested upon application.


The online dating business poses many risks for both the merchant and merchant service providers. For this reason, you will encounter many challenges when applying for your dating merchant account and payment processing. However, we are here to make the process easy and quick. Get in touch with us to get instant access to your online merchant account, online dating credit card processing, and online dating payment getaway among other online dating merchant solutions.


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