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InMobi now has a billion unique mobile devices on its ad platform

February.12.2015 0 Comments

mobile-moneyMobile advertising platform InMobi, one of the startup superstars of India, netted over 1 billion unique mobile devices on its network in the last quarter of 2014. The number is as big as India’s population, a company spokesperson pointed out.

A reach of a billion mobile devices means a larger target pool for app developers and brands looking for a mobile audience. Among these, Android devices outnumber iOS devices by 30 percent. According to the announcement, 43 percent of unique mobile devices on InMobi’s network come from North America and Western Europe. Asia Pacific accounts for 38 percent, followed by Latin America at 10 percent. The leading app categories consumed on these devices are entertainment (36 percent), games (27 percent), news and lifestyle (24 percent), and social and messaging (13 percent).

“Our commitment to creating a rich and unique mobile ecosystem is what sets us apart and has helped us reach this milestone. We are reimagining advertising at its core, and now, with over one billion devices on our network, we are well-positioned to deliver on that promise,” said Naveen Tewari, founder and CEO of InMobi.

The challenge for InMobi is to keep up with rapid changes in adtech, with an increasing focus on programmatic, real-time buying, and selling of ads. Nimble new players are coming up in this space, but the advantage for InMobi is its huge network and massive data on advertisers, publishers, and consumers. One way to leverage this is to use data analytics to deliver better targeted ads for its customers. It is in this context that the one billion plus unique mobile devices on its platform become significant. InMobi is well-placed for a role as smart data-led mobile advertising platform, not just in India, but at a global level.