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Hottab aims to be the POS for hospitality in Southeast Asia

June.24.2015 0 Comments

It’s easy to spot the rapidly rising number of hotels and restaurants in Vietnam. But despite the industry’s noticeable growth, managing a hotel or chain restaurant still takes a lot of work and innovation. That’s where Hottab comes in. It’s a new Vietnamese startup that offers a new solution for point-of-sale (POS) management for F&B business. Hottab provides service tablets and a POS system for food and beverage (F&B) businesses. A cloud-based system connects all devices using Hottab. It includes an application installed on tablet devices that allows waiters to create new orders. It also enables customers to self-order at the table.

Based on tablets

Users can select and adjust items from a menu, customize orders, track order times, split the bill, and add tax/discount code numbers before being transferred to the kitchen, bar, or cashier.

The service already has seven paying customers and is about to close a contract with a chain that has eight locations. Hottab basically gives away tablets, at cost, to secure the partnership and provide services in the long run. The tablets end up paying for themselves.

All information will be backed up on a cloud system and can be accessed and managed through Hottab Admin. Hottab founder Sanjeev Sapkota thinks the system’s edge will be its user-friendly interface, multiple languages, and manager tools such as an inventory and menu system, data reports, and performance comparisons among branches:

It’s going to shape the future of Supply Chain for F&B and Hospitality. Bridge the gap between F&B, hospitality and travel Industry. Enable the users to play more prominent roles in the industries mentioned as we believe the future is mostly user driven.

Starting in Vietnam

Currently, Hottab makes money mainly through the subscription of hotels and restaurants. It offers monthly and annual packages, as well as flexible options.

Sapkota claims Hottab’s service can be used in all kinds of hotels and restaurants. His confidence is based on the positive feedback the company has received from its current subscribers. According to him, Hottab has partnered with a number of independent restaurants and chain restaurants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Chain restaurants are also a major goal.

The Hottab team hopes to make money in more ways than just subscriptions. It’s exploring options like revenue from future partnerships and advertising. Sapkota thinks that Hottab can help clients improve supply chain management and online payments.

Way to the future

In the future, Hottab will be not only a cashier/POS solution provider but also a comprehensive F&B management system with supplier integration, marketplace, and loyalty management.

Currently, the Hottab team are developing a new mobile app for consumers for pre-ordering. “Customers can make pre-bookings and pre-orders before coming to hotels and restaurants and make payments online in advance or pay upon arrival,” explains Sanjeev.

In the future, Hottab plans to include a comprehensive F&B management system with supplier integration, marketplace, and loyalty management functions. The team is currently developing a new mobile app for customers, allowing them to prebook and preorder before arriving at a hotel or restaurant, as well as pay beforehand or on-site.

Hottab is busy securing a foundation in Vietnam, but eventually it hopes to expand further in the region.