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Danish bank teams with Powa to enhance mobile payment features

May.28.2015 0 Comments

Denmark-based Danske Bank Monday announced that it has partnered with Powa Technologies to enhance the financial institution’s mobile payment app, MobilePay.

Powa said in a press release that its PowaTag platform adds a new level of engagement to MobilePay, creating a way for Danske Bank to enable instant purchases through a wide variety of different triggers. More than 1,200 companies have partnered with Powa, including L’Oreal USA, The Big Issue Foundation, Best Western and Miinto.

PowaTag enables consumers to initiate purchases from billboards, print ads, and even television commercials, usually through a QR code or NFC tag embedded in a billboard.

“The Danish people are incredibly switched on to the huge potential of mobile payments, as demonstrated by the fact that two out of three smart phone users now use our solution,” Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of the MobilePay division at Danske Bank, said in a statement. “With PowaTag we can, over time, take MobilePay to the next level with a new set of services. The speed and convenience of PowaTag make it an ideal fit with the services that have made MobilePay so popular.”

Danske Bank said that it is the first of many leading retail banks to integrate PowaTag into its services through Powa’s software development kit, enabling MobilePay users to instantly employ Powa’s powerful transaction capabilities using details already saved to the app. The SDK enables companies to integrate the full PowaTag platform with their own in-house offering to create an enhanced, scalable product that enables banks and merchants to bring the platform’s benefits directly to their existing installed user base.