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Crikey! Alibaba extends Taobao and Alipay to Australian merchants

November.19.2014 0 Comments

alibabaAlibaba announced today that China’s biggest online payment system and online marketplace officially launched their respective channels for Australian merchants to sell their goods to Chinese customers.

Taobao’s Australian channel will focus on selling food and agricultural imports. “With increasing concerns for food safety and higher levels of disposable income, Chinese consumers are keen on purchasing healthy, safe food and beverages from overseas,” says the press release. These products will be sourced by Melbourne-based Zoyu Digital.

The ecommerce titan explains Alipay Australia will work with a joint venture partner called Paybang “to continue serving local businesses targeting China’s booming consumer base and facilitating cross-border trade between the two countries.”

China and Australia earlier this week signed a major free trade agreement worth billions of dollars, removing tarriffs from Australian agricultural goods exported to the mainland. That agreement, however, will not take effect until after 2015.

Despite media reports to the contrary, Alibaba did not mention launching a localized version of Taobao or Alipay for Australian consumers to shop on. However, Alibaba says it will work with Australia Post to sell Alipay Purchase Cards at 4,400 retail outlets so Aussie shoppers can buy stuff on Tmall and Taobao.