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Fast and secure payment processing for eCommerce industries. See the full range of acceptable industries

As a global payment provider, we are dedicated to our mission of providing payment solutions to any business in any country. Founded in 2004, we have already expanded our vast network of international acquiring banks. From low-risk to high-risk, from Europe to LatAm, we provide merchant accounts in most eCommerce niches all over the globe. Whether you are a new and want to obtain your first merchant account or a business guru looking for more affordable solutions, we are here to help. Contact us today and be assured that we will find a payment solution that is 100% right for you.

Fast approvals and easy onboarding

Once we approve your merchant account application, you can start accepting payments within a couple of business days. During that time, our managers cooperate with acquiring banks to set up the one that fits your business needs best. We also integrate your website with the bank’s payment gateway.

Other E-Commerce Industries

We are pouring our best resources to form a partnership with as many acquiring banks as possible. Don’t forget to check up this page occasionally to stay updated on added industries, and contact us today if you need a perfect payment solution today.

Can’t find your industry on the list?

Haven’t found your industry on the list below? Do not worry. At Ikajo International, we examine carefully each merchant’s case and provide individual solutions. The fastest way to find out if you qualify for Ikajo International’s merchant services is to reach us out by filling out the short application form.

Supported eCommerce industries

Ikajo International works with business owners in the following eCommerce industries:

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