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Merchants who sell online tutorials should get a dedicated merchant account to help their businesses. It deals with financial transactions, i.e. customers’ payments for the online tutorials. This is the best solution for those who wish to grow one’s business and start selling information products to people from other regions and countries. Online tutorials are very popular now and the demand for high-quality products keeps growing.

Online tutorials payment gateway

The possibility to accept over 100 different payment solutions is the benefit sellers receive from getting the online tutorials merchant account. In addition to the traditional Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards, customers can verify the purchase paying via e-wallets or alternative payment solutions.

The payment gateway is a convenient way to get more customers. Consumers can pay in almost any currency while the merchant will receive this payment in the preferred one. Choosing our services, merchants get the following benefits:

  • Security

The protection of all financial transactions is increased by several security protocols and encryption. This shields the money from hackers and malicious intentions from third-party sources.

  • Over 100 payment solutions

Each user can easily pay for the wanted online tutorial and get the merchant’s info products. The support of over 100 payment options including various e-wallets makes it even easier. Yet, the processor also accepts more traditional variants like Visa or MasterCard.

  • Over 100 currencies

A customer can pay for the merchant’s tutorials using the currency he has. The processor will automatically convert the money into the needed currency.

  • Non-stop payment processing

The payment gateway verifies payments very fast and works 24/7 to let customers pay anytime. Merchants also get the money automatically in a matter of minutes. Unlike wire transfers that take days, online tutorials merchant account helps the business thrive and accept money fast and convenient.

  • Cross-platform support

A merchant who sells online tutorials can quickly connect the account to different platforms. One of the popular options is WooCommerce. This is a wonderful possibility to offer tutorials to more people from different regions.

Online tutorials payment processing

A secure platform works as a medium for merchants and their customers. It’s the best solution for those who sell their info products like online tutorials.

Every payment is protected by a range of security protocols and encryption. In combination with fraud-prevention tools and chargeback prevention, merchants can safely promote their businesses and expand them in other regions regardless of the local currency or popular payment options. The processor supports over 100 currencies and payment options.

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