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Many money-making ventures have over the years packed their bags and made the big move online. Now, two people from opposite corners of the world can successfully conduct business and complete transactions. Some of these ventures include astrology and numerology. With millions of people looking for insight into their future, astrology and numerology merchant accounts have made their debut into the online arena. One no longer needs to find a numerologist or an astrologer and physically be there in order to access their services. Now, you can conveniently receive their services while seated right at the comfort of your living room. Even better, payments can be made online or offline.

Astrology Merchant Accounts

What is an astrology merchant or the numerology merchant account all about? Well, to understand what these accounts entail, you must first understand what a merchant account is. When a merchant approaches a financial institution or processor, they craft a document showing the terms of operation the two have agreed on. Both parties sign to these terms and thereafter, the merchant is able to receive payments from his or her customer through modern payment methods such as credit card or debit card.

The same logic applies in the astrology merchant account or a numerology merchant account where an agreement is crafted between a bank for instance and a numerologist or an astrologer facilitating payment and transactions between either of the two and their clients.

Astrology Credit Card Processing

Astrology credit card processing is equally as fast and convenient as credit card processing for conventional accounts. Before or after offering your services to your client as an astrologer, the client can present their credit card details to you in a bid to pay for the service. At the account opening stage, the astrologer was presented with software or equipment to facilitate the processing of debit or credit card transactions. Once the client’s information is captured by the bank, the bank processes the information to either approve payments if there are sufficient funds or decline payment if the card holder’s account is experiencing issues such as holding of funds, freezing of funds or has insufficient funds. The entire process takes place very fast and before you know it, the transaction is done.

Astrology payment gateway

But how secure is it for an astrologer to make a transaction? A payment gateway works as an intermediary taking payment from the customer and forwarding it to your bank account. The main purpose of Astrology payment gateways is to authenticate and authorize payment. Here is a step by step countdown of how the astrology payment gateway works:

  1. The customer places his or her order and avails his name and other credit or debit card details. The authentication process begins immediately thereafter.
  2. The information received is sent to the astrologer’s merchant account processor or bank.
  3. The bank or processor sends the information forward to the client’s card’s bank or processor.
  4. The transaction is approved or declined depending on how sufficient or insufficient the client’s funds are.
  5. The transaction is authorized. Here, the client’s card processor sends back information to the merchant’s account which passes through the payment gateway.
  6. The entire transaction takes seconds to complete. Nevertheless, you will have to wait another day or two before the funds reflect in your astrology merchant account.

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