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User Profile

What is a user profile?

User profile (also known as a UP) is a term used to describe a digital set of data about a particular cardholder. This information simplifies the work of the bank as well as the holder.

Simply put, the user profile is a page where the clients can store information about the credit or debit card. This personal information is protected and corresponds to the high standards of security. User pages allow the customers to check all the transfers and purchases online without any danger of data or money stolen. The managing of the funds is quite straightforward. The profile usually includes email, telephone number, name, and data about the card. The customer can make a payment at the click of the button and it is totally secure. The holder can completely control the card by accessing the user profile as well as to conduct different transfers. The owner of the card just needs to access the profile by entering the login and password as well.


John can’t access his UP because he forgot the password.

Mindy created a user profile in order to control the transaction on her credit cards.

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