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Before you start accepting payments and prior to the online application, you need to adjust your website. It’s a vital step if you want to go through the onboarding fast and hassle-free. Below, we share the main points you need to pay attention to in order to comply with Visa/Mastercard and acquirer’s requirements
1. Your website should provide full and clear DESCRIPTIONS OF GOODS/SERVICES you sell. All the links you have on your website should work as well.
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2. Make sure you have TERMS & CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY pages. Besides,
  • Cancellation Policy - if you sell physical or digital goods or products via subscription,
  • Shipping and Return&Refund Policy - if you sell physical goods,
  • Deposit/withdrawal policy, AML, and KYC Policy - for gambling, forex, crypto sites,
  • KYC Policy - for dating and adult websites,
  • Risk disclaimer - for gambling, forex, crypto, and adult websites.
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3. Create a CONTACT PAGE. Provide users with company and contact information. There should be no less than 2 contact methods (one of which is via telephone).
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  • T&C/Privacy Policy/Counterpart Agreement field,
  • Date & place of birth - for gambling, dating, forex, crypto websites,
  • Content review.
Make sure your website complies with these basic requirements. A tided up website will help you accept payments faster!

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