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March 2018
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Fraud: Driving US EMV migration

April.25.2016 0 Comments


It is no understatement to say that the journey to US EMV migration over the last decade has been bumpy, with several false dawns – yet a new report Driving EMV migration in the USA shares some very interesting insights into the current state of play.

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The Macro Argument for FinTech

November.04.2015 0 Comments

Although banks have achieved record profits of $1 trillion last year, margins are being squeezed. Macro-economic drivers and technological advances mean that FinTech startups have a chance to both disrupt and save incumbents in this transformation.

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China UnionPay to take NFC to Hong Kong

June.23.2015 0 Comments

China UnionPay has invested an undisclosed sum in Jetco, the largest ATM network operator in Hong Kong and Macau.

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Polish Exchanges Lose Payment Processors in Bitcoin Crackdown

June.22.2015 0 Comments

bitcoinPolish payment processors and at least one bank in the country have closed the accounts of local bitcoin exchanges.

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Whom Do the Card Processing Giants Seek Out for Acquisition? | Lets Talk Payments

April.09.2015 0 Comments

card-processingWe looked at the acquisitions that Visa and MasterCard have made since January 2014. The idea was to find the reasons influencing these card processing giants’ recent acquisitions. The perspective of this article is to highlight the capabilities that these giants seek in order to keep up with new and other incumbent players, while still maintaining their dominance in the market.

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