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Software provider gives small businesses mobile bill pay option

March.05.2015 0 Comments

apigee-mobile-shopping-surveySmall-business software company vCita recently announced the availability of LiveSite Online Payments, its new online payment product for service-based small businesses. LiveSite Online Payments gives businesses a website-integrated, online payments product that lets clients pay with any credit card, at any hour, even from their mobile phone, according to the press release.

“We’ve created a solution that is easy to use and intuitive for small businesses to efficiently offer online credit card payment options to their clients,” said Itzik Levy, founder and CEO of vCita. “For small businesses today, the ability to easily accept online payments in a secure and hassle-free manner is a huge advantage that can make or break a consumer’s decision to continue the business relationship, and vCita is pleased to bridge this gap with these new capabilities.”

The new vCita LiveSite Online Payment product offers a mobile-ready design, integrating directly into the vCita CRM, which automatically tracks and records communications, documents, appointments, invoicing and payments for the business. Additionally, this release includes key features to make the payment process easier for both small businesses and their clientele:

  • a “Pay Now” button on the business’ website accepts credit card payments, which are deposited straight to a bank or PayPal account;
  • a customized payment form, that lets the business request additional information about the customer as part of the payment process;
  • a seamless user interface that ensures the client never leaves the business’ website;
  • online payment options directly from Facebook, email, or any other online presence;
  • a displayed list of services and fees that let clients choose the service and the staff member, with a prepayment option upon service request or scheduling to reduce no-shows;
  • email notifications of pending invoices and outstanding balances, and automated confirmations when payments are remitted;
  • branded and customizable invoice templates the business can use in customer emails; and
  • a self-service portal that automatically recognizes returning clients and allows them to view their account (including any updates or outstanding invoices), make an inquiry, or pay their balance.